Prometheus - Saturn's Moon for sale in its entirety

The Lunar Embassy is offering Prometheus and other minor moons of the Solar System for sale for the first time in 30 years!  The Lunar Embassy is the only entity legally capable of selling real estate in Outer Space.


It is now possible to own an entire moon!

Moon Property from Lunar Embassy
 Since 1980, the Lunar Embassy has been offering property for sale on Earth's moon. 
 In the year of our 30th anniversary, we are proud to announce the largest land
 offering in the history of earth!

 The Lunar Embassy has released lunar property throughout the solar system, in the form of
  entire moons for sale, including satellites of Mars, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus.

Purchasing a moon such as prometheus can yield an immediate return on investment.  the lunar property you own can be placed up for re-sale, much like Dr. Hope has done with Earth's moon, or, one may consider mineral resources and the prospect of space colonization to be reason enough to hold on to this long term investment.

All interested in purchasing this moon should contact the "head cheese" directly:
1-800-lunar-29 or 001-702-991-1232 Outside the USA
Serious lunar property inquiries only

Video - Prometheus - Moon For Sale

Download Prometheus - Moon For Sale Video (.swf)

The only legal way to buy property in outer space is via the Lunar Embassy
Lunar Real Estate has been purchased by over 5.5 million people around the world, including 3 former us presidents and over 450 celebrities lunar land owners.  Dennis Hope and The Lunar Embassy have been featured on major media outlets, and have been operating online since 1996. Do not be fooled by copy cat companies! Visit our world headquarters at$_pr9981_en&-response=index_e.lasso&-NoResultsError=index_e.lasso&-token.affindex=&-token.trackindex=1892551&-token.rn=42076125&-token.cs=US$&-token.rs29=33&-token.rscd=LE&-token.firstlogin=&-token.skip=&-show